React-Router locations on AWS s3 bucket do not work

I have my static react app hosted in an AWS s3 bucket. It renders fine. However, I am utilizing react-router-dom to navigate between "pages." (I have enabled public access, enabled static website hosting, listed my index document as index.html). For example, my bucket website endpoint is http://< When I click on one of my navigation buttons which links to http://<, it either redirects me to the index page or gives me a 403 error (depending on if I use the bucket website endpoint or the index.html object url). Either way, the point is that I cannot access any url path that is more specific than the very top layer of my home page. It is not letting me route to a more specific location / different page. I have looked into this quite a bit and am pulling my hair out. Redirection rules do not seem like an acceptable answer. My reasoning is that if I am going to get a 403 error every time I try to access a different page, redirecting back to index is not a viable solution. I want to allow public access to ALL URL LOCATION so that I can access any location from the initial endpoint. How can I fix this?

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