react router returning to homepage

i have an app built and at the end of the quiz i want a
simple link that leads back to the homepage…
i would assume that when you click the link on the last
page it renders just the homepage but it seems to be showing me a blank page…

this homepage has the route set up for ‘/’ and should display the ParentComponent. but when i click the link to the ‘/’ path (in my finalScore component) it just leads me to a blank page. does anyone know why?

homepage looks like this:

import QFIB from "./QFIB";
import AFIB from "./AFIB";

const App = () => {
  return (
      <Nav />
      <div class="qAndAContainer">
        <Route path="/" exact component={ParentComponent} />
        <Route path="/StartTest" component={StartTest} />

export default App;

and my last page looks like this: it consists right now of just a
simply link that says home which should take the user back to the homepage…
i already set up where the hompage should be rendered in my app file
so why is this giving me a blank page?**

const FinalScore = ({score}) => {
  return (
<Link to='/' exact>home</Link>

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