onIonChange is triggering more than one input on Ionic 5 React

I have multiple inputs, each in it’s own IonItem. I’m using onIonChange to set the value of the input to the value typed by the user. But when I click in one input other inputs activate, as if the onIonChange is triggering them. Below is a sample of my component:

const ReservationForm: React.FC = () => {

 const [name, setName] = useState<string>();
 const [email, setEmail] = useState<string>();
 const [phone, setPhone] = useState<number>();

return (
     <IonItemDivider className="backgroundPrimary">Guest</IonItemDivider>
        <IonLabel position="stacked">Name</IonLabel>
        <IonInput value={name} onIonChange={e => setName(e.detail.value!)}></IonInput>
        <IonLabel position="stacked">Email</IonLabel>
        <IonInput value={email} onIonChange={e => setEmail(e.detail.value!)}></IonInput>
        <IonLabel position="stacked">Phone Number</IonLabel>
        <IonInput type="number" value={phone} onIonChange={e => setPhone(parseInt(e.detail.value!, 10))}></IonInput>
export default ReservationForm;

Here is an image of the problem:


as you can see I typed a letter in email but the floating label on phone number was trigger as well. Am I doing something wrong with useState or is this something wrong with the binding?
Any help appreciated.

I’m using Ionic 5 with React

Source: ReactJs