Typescript & Gatsby: Development bundle cannot resolve paths but VS Code can

I have a bunch of imports like import Navi from 'components/Navi'

These have a red error line under the components/Navi part until I add this to my tsconfig.json

"baseUrl": "./",
"paths": {
  "components/*": ["src/components/*"],
  "layouts/*": ["src/layouts/*"],
  "pages/*": ["src/pages/*"],
  "templates/*": ["src/templates/*"],
  "scss/*": ["src/scss/*"],
  "types": ["src/types"]

At which point the error goes away. When I try to build my develop bundle through running gatsby develop everything looks fine until this appears ⠹ Building development bundle

Which is followed shortly by lots of statements like Can't resolve 'components/Navi' in '~/src/components'

And these errors only go away when I specify a relative path like import Navi from '../Navi'

As a side note, I also can’t do import {MyType} from 'types' with a structure of

    -> types
        -> index.ts

It gives an error with a red line under the word 'types' which states Cannot find module 'types'.ts(2307) And I must change the import to import {Issue} from 'types/index'

I already tried running gatsby clean and deleting node_modules

Source: ReactJs