infinite loop when querying api in redux action

I am attempting to query my Firebase backend through a redux-thunk action, however, when I do so in my initial render using useEffect(), I end up with this error:

Error: Maximum update depth exceeded. This can happen when a component repeatedly calls setState inside componentWillUpdate or componentDidUpdate. React limits the number of nested updates to prevent infinite loops.

My action simply returns a Firebase query snapshot which I then received in my reducer. I use a hook to dispatch my action:

export const useAnswersState = () => {
    return {
        answers: useSelector(state => selectAnswers(state)),
        isAnswersLoading: useSelector(state => selectAnswersLoading(state))

export const useAnswersDispatch = () => {
    const dispatch = useDispatch()
    return {
        // getAnswersData is a redux-thunk action that returns a firebase snapshot
        setAnswers: questionID => dispatch(getAnswersData(questionID))

and the following selectors to get the data I need from my snapshot and redux states:

export const selectAnswers = state => {
    const { snapshot } = state.root.answers
    if (snapshot === null) return []
    let answers = [] => {
    return answers

export const selectAnswersLoading = state => {
    return state.root.answers.queryLoading || state.root.answers.snapshot === null

In my actual component, I then attempt to first query my backend by dispatching my action, and then I try reading the resulting data once the data is loaded as follows:

const params = useParams() // is just an ID string

const { setAnswers, isAnswersLoading } = useAnswersDispatch()
const { answers } = useAnswersState()

useEffect(() => {
}, [])

if (!isAnswersLoading)) console.log(answers)

So to clarify, I am using my useAnswersDispatch to dispatch a redux-thunk action which returns a firebase data snapshot. I then use my useAnswersState hook to access the data once it is loaded. I am trying to dispatch my query in the useEffect of my actual view component, and then display the data using my state hook.

However, when I attempt to print the value of answers, I get the error from above. I would greatly appreciate any help and would be happy to provide any more information if that would help at all, however, I have tested my reducer and the action itself, both of which are working as expected so I believe the problem lies in the files described above.

Source: ReactJs