Verify request with axios-mock-adapter?

I made the following test using MockAdapter from axios-mock-adapter. However I’m trying to assert that the get function has effectively been called so I created a spy.
For some reason it doesn’t seem to work and I get:


Expected number of calls: >= 1
Received number of calls:    0

Here’s my test:

it('gets publications', async() => {

    let spy = jest.spyOn(axios, "get");
    var mock = new MockAdapter(axios);
    mock.onGet(PUBLICATIONS_PATH + '/publications').reply(200, 
            answer: {
                publications: [ "pub1", "pub2", "pub3" ]

    let queryParameters = {
        operation: 'FSale'

    const publications = await PublicationService.getPublications(queryParameters);

    expect([ "pub1", "pub2", "pub3" ]); // works fine
    expect(spy).toHaveBeenCalled(); //This fails

I was actually trying to use the approach answered here.

Update: Here’s the code for getPublications

async function _getPublications(queryParameters){
  return await axios({
      method: 'get',
      url: `${PUBLICATIONS_PATH}/publications`,
      cancelToken: CancelTokenService.getSource().token,
      params: queryParameters,
      headers: {
        authorization: LocalStorageService.getAuthorization(),
        'Accept': ResourcesVersions.PUBLICATION
  }).then(function (response){ return response }).catch(function (error){ return (axios.isCancel(error) ? error : error.response) })


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