Multiple Switch components are changing order in a List element when being pressed

I have a screen where the user is able to enable/disable specific push notifications. When a user presses on a toggle the correct toggle is changed and the state is being updated.

The issue that I have is that after the switch happened it does some strange ordering. See the video here (I’m sorry about the video quality, tried to execute it with this command: xcrun simctl io booted recordVideo toggle.mp4).

Component state

state = {
    defaultNotifications: {
      config_error: { active: true, normalized: 'Notifiy on configuration error' },
      on_first_start: { active: true, normalized: 'Notifiy on first start' },
      on_trigger: { active: true, normalized: 'Notifiy on trigger' },
      on_panic_start: { active: true, normalized: 'Notifiy on panic start' },
      on_panic_end: { active: true, normalized: 'Notifiy on panic sell end' },
      order_placed: { active: true, normalized: 'Notifiy on order placed' },
      trade_completed: { active: true, normalized: 'Notifiy on trade completed' },
      order_cancelled: { active: true, normalized: 'Notifiy on order cancelled' },

Toggle function

const enabledNotifications = [];
const stateNotifications = this.state.defaultNotifications;
Object.keys(stateNotifications).forEach((notification) => {
  if (stateNotifications[notification].active) {

I needed a comma separated string with the ‘active’ notification names for a POST request later:

const requestBody = qs.stringify({
  player_id: this.state.playerId,
  permissions: enabledNotifications.toString()
}, { arrayFormat: 'comma', encode: false });

Change the toggle to !active

toggleNotification = (notification) => {
    this.setState({ defaultNotifications: {
      [notification]: {
        active: !this.state.defaultNotifications[notification].active,
    } });

Toggle in JSX

    const userNotifications = this.state.defaultNotifications;

    return (
      Object.keys(userNotifications).map((notification) =>
            style={{ width: 24, height: 24 }}
          <Text style={styles.notificationText}>
            { userNotifications[notification].normalized }
             onValueChange={() => this.toggleNotification(notification)}
             style={{ marginLeft: 'auto' }}

I remember that I did clear my XCode Simulator cache with xcrun simctl erase all, a few minutes before this error occurred. But I can’t think of any reason why that would cause any related issues.

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